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All stateroom / cruise prices are guaranteed not to increase for SCWDC members prior to the cruise while published prices could increase over time for new bookings! 

There are four types of staterooms and  one suite that is currently available.  All staterooms have a private bathroom and can be requested with one bed for two people or twin beds.

The ship has three decks with stateroom accommodations:   The Main Deck (at the waterline) has only Standard Staterooms, the Middle Deck has both French Balcony and Veranda Staterooms and the Upper Deck has Veranda Staterooms and two sizes of Suites. 


The view is better on each higher deck, although at some ports of call the view may be partially or fully obscured by other docked ships in the evening and early morning.

A Standard Stateroom (Category F) has 150 square feet of space and has rectangular windows above the waterline and appear just about waist high.

A “French Balcony” stateroom (Category D on the Middle Deck) has 135 square feet of space.   The room features floor to ceiling windows and a sliding glass exterior door with railings.  There is no area to step outside the room through the sliding door.

A Veranda Stateroom (Category B on the Middle Deck or Category A on the Upper Deck) features 205 square feet of living space with floor to ceiling windows and includes a step out balcony with two chairs and a small table.

The Veranda Suite (Category AA on the Upper Deck) features 275 feet of living space with a bedroom and sitting area and a step out balcony.  Several additional features are provided.  One key feature is a very sizeable discount on business class airfare. 

For a more complete description of the ship’s deck plan and each type of stateroom and suite, please click here: 


Economy at $799 including taxes and fees from Washington Dulles or most other East Coast locations,

Premium Economy at $2099 including taxes and fees from Washington Dulles or most other East Coast locations.

Business Class at $4399 including taxes and fees from Washington Dulles or most other East Coast locations.

Regarding a combination package that provides a discount for booking a suite and business class air.    This is a great option if you are considering either of those options.  Here is how it works:

If you book a Veranda Suite, the charge is $6799, one of the benefits is the option for a $1400 discount on Business Class Air – bringing it down to $2999 per person.  


*If you were considering a Veranda stateroom and Business Class Air, you would only be paying $400 additional to upgrade to a Veranda suite, so it is a “sweet deal” for some people.  Or if you were planning on Business Class air anyway, you can upgrade your stateroom selection for little or nothing additional after the $1400 savings.   In addition you pick up these additional benefits with the Veranda suite:  


·  Bottled water replenished daily

·  Welcome champagne; mini-bar with wine, beer & soft drinks (replenished daily); daily fruit plate

·  Binoculars

·  Stateroom steward & twice-daily housekeeping

·  Complimentary laundry & shoe shine services

·  Complimentary Viking Air Plus (Allows you to pick your preferred flights and times rather than Viking selecting for you, subject to availability)

If you are experiencing any difficulties please contact Sheri Agnew at (630) 969-5739 or email

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