The Faces of WS&S

 (Left to Right):

  • Mike Agnew, President & Sales

  • Sheri Agnew, CFO & Marketing

  • Crystal Foster, Dir. of Operations

  • Kelly Podlasek, Air Desk Specialist

  • Ana Whatley, Group Administrator

  • Sandy Gaudette, Sales

  • Agnese Leonardelli, European Division

We work hard so you

don't have to!

Mike Agnew
Sheri Agnew
Crystal Foster
Kelly Podlasek
Ana Whatley
Sandra Gaudette
Agnese Leonardelli
Group Travel Specialists

Travel doesn't become adventure until you leave yourself behind


  • Over 120 years combined experience in group travel sales.

  • Experienced long-standing staff and airline trained group-ticketing agents.

  • No automated phone attendant

  • 24/7 emergency phone service.
  • Guaranteed 24 hour response time during normal business operations.

  • Day of travel:  FLIGHT MONITOR & TRAVEL ALERTS with "Real Time" support.

  • Seat management:  Seat swaps for urgent needs, ie:  when families and/or couples are separated.

  • Minimal fees or NO fees (based on service pod requested, on name changes, deviations, upgrade guidance.

  • 1st day follow-up call and post trip review.

The most service with the lowest fees ~ what a concept!


Major Organizations To Which We Belong:

  • SkiTops

  • ARC – Fully Appointed

  • IATAN – Fully Appointed

  • Travel Weekly