The Faces of WS&S

 (Left to Right):

  • Mike Agnew, President & Sales

  • Sheri Agnew, CFO & Marketing

  • Crystal Foster, Dir. of Operations

  • Kelly Podlasek, Air Desk Specialist

  • Ana Whatley, Group Administrator

  • Sandy Gaudette, Sales

  • Agnese Leonardelli, European Division

  • Paige Brady, Sales

We work hard so you

don't have to!


Travel doesn't become adventure until you leave yourself behind


  • Over 120 years combined experience in group travel sales.

  • Experienced long-standing staff and airline trained group-ticketing agents.

  • No automated phone attendant

  • 24/7 emergency phone service.
  • Guaranteed 24 hour response time during normal business operations.

  • Day of travel:  FLIGHT MONITOR & TRAVEL ALERTS with "Real Time" support.

  • Seat management:  Seat swaps for urgent needs, ie:  when families and/or couples are separated.

  • Minimal fees or NO fees (based on service pod requested, on name changes, deviations, upgrade guidance.

  • 1st day follow-up call and post trip review.

The most service with the lowest fees ~ what a concept!


Major Organizations To Which We Belong:

  • SkiTops

  • ARC – Fully Appointed

  • IATAN – Fully Appointed

  • Travel Weekly

Professional Building, Suite 106

1069 Main Street

Sebastian, FL  32958

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